Physical Therapy Management Functions

Just like in any business, physical therapy management involves four basic functions, namely planning, organization, leadership and control.  But before we can even begin to discuss each function, let us define management per se. It is the process of attaining the goals of the organization by using available resources such as people or human resources. Goals are the desired future conditions the business is seeking to have. To achieve these goals, it requires a manager to spearhead all physical therapy management functions – the planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

The responsibility of physical therapy management usually is on the private practice owner and with each basic management function, there are corresponding tasks that need to be done.

Planning —is the first physical therapy management function that a private practitioner should do. It means choosing the goals of the business. Then, the courses of action or strategies to reach these goals can then be determined. This function of physical therapy management will determine the effectivity and efficiency of the business. Simply, planning aims to answer the following questions: Which goals should be pursued? How should the goals be attained? How should the resources be allocated towards the pursuit of these goals.

Leading – is more of a coordination function of the physical therapy management. From the goals, the direction and vision can then be determined. The role of the manager which in this case is the private practitioner is to state and clarify the direction and vision for the employees so they understand their roles. This particular physical therapy management function includes influencing, persuasion and effective communication skills. If this is done properly, high level of motivation and commitment from employees to the clinic is the outcome.

Organizing – is people in the business working together towards a common goal. This physical therapy management function means the creation of the best working environment that best allows members of the organization to work together towards the direction and vision set. This means delineating tasks and responsibilities so each employee knows where he or she is in the business.

Controlling – is the physical therapy management function that monitors and measures how the organization is in attaining its goals.  If need be, corrective actions will be done to improve performance to make sure that the target goals will be achieved. Effective control will result to an accurate evaluation of the current performance and to take the necessary action to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

These physical therapy management functions if done properly and guided by the vision and mission statement of the organization will result to the achievement of its goals.

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